Drive your passion,
with us

Join us from around the nation to reinvent the ways students approach their future.

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Our two missions, merged for a vision

We want to see a world driven by passion, interest and impact that's never blocked by inequity. That lofty mission begins with us, our nonprofit as whole and our team members as individuals.

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Perks & Benefits

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Any high school team member gets exclusive access to Riley's Way professional development workshops & network.

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Learning Strategy

We don't waste your time. In addition to company goals, we focus on personal goals and ensure that every team member is closer to their dream skillset.

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Service Awards

The Generation is a PSVA certified nonprofit. Collect tangible records of your dedication to educational equity.

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Flexible Commitment

Entry level roles get 60 PTO days for service and internal work expectations. All of our roles give you time to explore other jobs as well.

Our core values

An organization without values is an organization without structure.

Focus on impact

Bring true value to our students, and the rest will follow.

Lead by serving others

We believe leadership is about enabling your team to thrive and reach new heights, not the other way around.

Tap into your full potentional

We always strive to improve and expand our knowledge. We are honest with weaknesses and issues and focus on finding solutions and ideas.

Take iniative

Every single one of us needs to contribute to the mission. See an issue? Just fix it. Have an idea? Pitch it and get started.

Move intentionally fast

We are the movers and shakers behind a platform that students rely on. Start somewhere & iterate when necessary.

Always be innovative

Innovation is the driving force of our society. Never jump to the traditional method. Always look for better solutions no matter how radical they may appear. We do tasks to unlock bigger things.