Public Relations Intern

Combine your skills in networking, copywriting, and business strategy to land press deals & further our mission and student reach.


Job Description

The Generation is seeking a PR intern to facilitate the spread of The Generation's mission, impact and reach to students in need. This is a perfect role for anyone interested in building early connections to influential news outlets, professionals and networks with a passion for educational equity.


  • Cultivating and maintaining relationships with media and influential professionals
  • Design and implement marketing strategies that cultivate our relationships with media
  • Engage our target audience and boost our brand awareness
  • write effective press releases
  • build online communities and coordinate events
  • drive PR initiatives that’ll bring long-term success
  • coordinate with internal teams (e.g. Marketing and Communications) to maximize brand consistency in all advertising efforts
  • Arrange interviews and press releases to promote our company and its products/services
  • promote and maintain a positive image of our company, while ensuring strong online and offline brand presence

About You / Desirable Qualities

  • Excellent ability to foster long-term relationships with key professionals
  • Confident and proficient email writer that is familiar with HubSpot or other email tracking software
  • Incredible organizer that would easily maintain a clean CRM and never miss a follow up
  • Familiarity in Marketing, Communications, Journalism or relevant field
  • A high school or university student that is passionate about providing value to students
  • A self-starter who often goes above and beyond
  • A clear communicator who is radically candid and naturally motivates others

Team & Work Environment

As a PR intern, you will work closely with our CEO, CMO, Content Team and other officers to maximize our impact.

Team Meetings

You and the other team members can meet regularly depending on project needs.

Bi-weekly "All Hands" Meetings on Kumospace.

We usually open with a quick strategy & reporting based-agenda and then use this time to work collaboratively and bond.

Quarterly 1:1 Checkins

Meet with Lia (the CMO) for 1:1 checkins. Agenda includes feedback questions as well as room to pitch your ideas or report on the product directly.

Weekly Standup - Marketing

Meet with the rest of the marketing division on a regular basis.


1) The Generation is student-led (all team members are under the age of 25 - Gen Z Cuttoff) so while there is no maximum age, our mission is to empower young students. No technical minimum age, skillset is all that matters.

2) Because of the volunteer status of every role at The Generation, you are not required to live in the US however you must reside in the time zone constraints.

Eligible Time Zones: Any within 3 hours of EST (GTM-5).

  • PST (GMT-8) to DST (GMT-2)

Non-Ideal Time Zone Policy: Applicants from non-eligible time zones are only eligible for the associate roles.

Job Benefits

1) Strengthen your understanding with PR & Comms and exercise core skills in:

  • PR campaign strategy
  • Outreach strategy & execution
  • Effective Press Release writing
  • professional networking
  • CRM management
  • Media control and positioning
  • digital marketing
  • audience retention & engagement
  • communication
  • leadership

2) Earn service hours for your work and enjoy press mentions during PR campaigns.

3) Flexible work hours and high number of days off.

4) LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendation

5) Bring value to underprivileged schools and students in NYC

6) Work closely with the CMO and CEO and shape the future of The Generation.

Application Tips

  • prepare a personal elevator pitch
  • customize your resume to the role
  • prepare questions to demonstrate research & interest in the role
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Public Relations Intern
The Generation

Combine your skills in networking, copywriting, and business strategy to land press deals & further our mission and student reach.

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