Our driving mission

We believe that talent and ambition are distributed equally, but opportunity is not. It's also the age of curation - the resources are out there, but few know how to find them. At The Generation, we leverage our ability to scour the web to democratize opportunity and passion-immersion for all.

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Our core values

An organization without values is an organization without structure.

Focus on impact

Bring true value to our students, and the rest will follow.

Lead by serving others

Enable others to thrive and reach new heights.

Tap into your full potential

We always strive to improve and expand our knowledge. We are honest with weaknesses and issues and focus on finding solutions and ideas.

Take iniative

Every member of our team is supercharged with the ability to take initiative and shape The Generation in their own eyes.

Move intentionally fast

We are the movers and shakers behind a platform that students rely on. Start somewhere & iterate when necessary.

Always be innovative

We always look for better solutions no matter how radical they may appear and do tasks to unlock bigger things.

The people behind the mission

The Generation is led and run by a team of outstanding Gen Z'ers who are already making positive change in the world. We've secured $3K in cash grants, $45K in software grants from Hack+, and $125K in software credits from YC's Startup School to support student journeys for free.

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AK Team Member
CEO, Founder

Now Head of Operations at Bloom, a financial literacy service that raised $4.4 million and previously Marketing Director at Alect Political, a political and civic advocacy firm, Alexa is dedicated to life-skill education.

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Or just explore. At The Generation, we radically support our students' dreams.

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