Behind The Generation

Q4 2023 Donor Update

Since launching The Generation two years ago, the team has scaled to 28 volunteers to support over 24,000 students, connecting over 1,000 directly to opportunities. A retrospective on The Generation’s past and a look into The Generation’s future through Othea

Impact Metrics:

  • Total Students: 24,473
  • Total Registered Students: 3,801
  • Total Opportunity Applications: 1,254
The Generation's Student Impact by Week. See the interactive chart here.

Product Updates:

  • The Generation must reach the students who need us most, not just the most resourceful ones. By partnering with schools directly through Othea, The Generation can integrate its opportunities with counselors and engagement directors. allows educators to connect their students to internships, volunteer opportunities, and learning opportunities. 


  • Migrated to Mercury Banking and gained access to Mercury Raise, a database for technology founders with investors, advisers, and software credits. Thanks to Mercury Raise, we cut Webflow hosting fees by 50%. 
  • Cold-emailed 11K educators and interviewed a handful to learn more about the difficulties of consistent service learning engagement amongst high school students, allowing us to shape thoughtfully. 
  • Successfully beta testing Othea's opportunity posting and opportunity application experience, fine-tuning both the educator and student experience.
  • Released our “link to opportunity” feature in private-beta, allowing an educator to simply paste a link to a program while AI retrieves the opportunity information and adds the option to the board.    


  • We're behind schedule on automatically importing a Google Doc, Google Sheet, or Excel Sheet of opportunities into a school’s opportunity board. 
  • Cold outreach to educators has a lower and slower response rate than expected, slowing our ability to launch in as many schools as possible. We would really appreciate any intros! 

Goals/priorities for next quarter:

  • Double the participating schools in Othea's private beta.
  • Achieve full opportunity coverage for all listed industries on The Generation’s industry explorer.  
  • Make two key engineering or technical volunteer recruits.