Jobs At The Generation

You can make a difference.

Why Us?

The perfect place to jumpstart your career. Join a workforce of ambitious, multi-faceted high school students working to encourage educational equality.

A truly impactful organization
Fast moving, innovative environment
A perfect way to showcase your talents
Expand your skill set

Team Values

The values and behaviors that are the driving forces of our team. We envision a world driven by talent, empathy and innovation.

🏆 Tap Into Your Full Potential

Not familiar with a concept? Don't avoid it - dive into it. Always work to expand your skillset and produce the highest quality of work.

🤯  Move intentionally fast

As a ed-tech nonprofit, we are the movers and shakers behind a platform that thousands of students rely on. Start somewhere & iterate when necessary.

☄️ Take Initiative

Every single one of us needs to contribute to the mission. See an issue? Pitch a solution and work to forward our mission.

🧬 Always be Innovative

Innovation is the driving force of our society. Never jump to the traditional method. Always look for better solutions no matter how radical they may appear.