Intelligence Analyst

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Core Information

Time Comittment
Time Commitment

Work day hours numbers are taken from the Average Time Association. Hours greatly vary depending on the company and work factors.

Job Outlook
Job Outlook

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High-Level Overview:

  • handling sensitive information from crime scenes and other collected evidence
  • preparing intelligence reports
  • recommending strategies to combat criminals from a data, MO and situation standpoint

Day To Day

  • Identifying threats and providing recommendations on fighting crimes.
  • Developing assessments using available information.
  • Collaborating with international, national, state, and local contacts in the intelligence and law enforcement communities.
  • Using your knowledge and understanding of the language, culture, and history of specific regions to fight threats.
  • Creating battlefield reports and analyzing and reviewing any developments in enemy positions.
  • Updating data to ensure information stays up-to-date.
The Balance / Jo Zixuan Zhou
  • Degree in political science, international r, or a similar field.
  • Should be multilingual.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Strong critical thinking skills.
  • Knowledge and understanding of different cultures and regions.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.




  • Bachelors (Common majors include political science, computer science, or economics)
  • Optional Graduate Degree in international affairs and relations, terrorism, psychology, national security, or intelligence.

Testing (FBI Specific)

  • Phase I (general screening)
  • Phase II (written simulations of a variety of circumstances)
  • Phase III (structured interview)
  • Background Check: Virtually all positions within the government require successfully passing a comprehensive background check.
  • Security Clearance: Might require a top secret security clearance from the Department of Defense. This involves a rigorous background investigation into your finances and any criminal records. Prior drug or alcohol abuse can be disqualifying factors.

Field Training

  • 13-week Basic Field Training Course
  • Quantico, VA (New Intelligence Analysts Trainees Course)

Limits & Restrictions

Applicants who have or are any of the following are immediately ineligible.

  • Any record of conviction by court-martial, or any record of conviction by a civil court other than minor traffic violations.
  • been a member of the Peace Corps
  • you or your immediate family have lived in or are from a country where physical and mental coercion is common practice
  • any commercial or vested interest in such a place, and neither can your spouse
Additional Skills
Additional Training

Some Intelligence Analysts aim to land a 2 year fellowship with local police or government stations.

Reflection Insights

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Roles & Responsibilities

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Intelligence Analyst
Intelligence Analyst

Gathers and evaluates information from different sources to predict and prevent organized crime activities. Typically works in the FBI.

Day In The Life

Hear from Jeff Barkey about his experience as an Intelligence Analyst in the NYPD.

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