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Donate to give the students of PS 200 the necessary supplies for school so they can have a fair opportunity to experience childhood. Most students come from poor income households and live in foster homes and shelters.

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My Students

The demographics at my school consist of Black: 65%, Hispanic or Latino: 30%, White 2%, English Language learners: 11%, and Students with special needs: 33%. Most students come from poor income households and live in foster homes and shelters. Many families are single-parent households and/or working families. We are a Title I school in Harlem. All of our students receive free breakfast and lunch daily. The students at my school are a mixture of different types of learners.

We are just crying out for help in providing the basic necessary supplies such as pencils, marble notebooks, dry erase markers, and especially headphones, since many of my students are completing assignments using iPads, laptops, or desktops.

This will put smiles on our faces and make our school year a successful one. Just help us and our students do their best to be shining stars.

They love and enjoy learning, and most of all they want to strive for greatness. The materials will be used to encourage students to keep on working out.

My Project

My students have the potential to be exceptional learners. They just need the necessary classroom supplies to help them to write, draw, color using pencils, colored pencils, crayons, notebooks, and listen to audiobooks and learn with digital tools using headphones without bothering others. They will use dry erase markers to spell words and learn to read. These basic classroom supplies will help my students to build their literary skills and be exceptional learners in all subjects.

They are second graders who are building their knowledge with these school supplies.