Youth About Business Summer Camp

Learn leadership and business skills through studying cases on mergers and acquisitions.

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Summer Program
July 12, 2021 12:00 AM
July 16, 2021 12:00 AM

Ambitious students who have a desire to achieve excellence through our curriculum. If you or your students are looking for a fun, engaging, and challenging leadership training program, Youth About Business is the place for you.

Youth About Business Training Program

The Youth About Business Entrepreneurial Training Program is the foundation block of our program. It is the component where youth meet twice per month to review our business curriculum. These meetings include guest speakers from industry as well as financial advisors that teach our students about the world of investments and business. Topics include everything from The Official Corporate Structure to Asset Management Training. Our students have the opportunity to receive theoretical classroom training, and as they progress through our program they get to participate in our actual training centers. Currently, this program only operates in Nashville and is open to the local-area students.

Training Center Performance

These training centers are small business operatives that give our students the opportunity to apply the theoretical training they received in our online sessions. The students are responsible for managing the operations of their training centers. They are also responsible for much of the oversight of their national program – the Business Economy of America and the Summer Business Camp. Each training center has a leadership team that oversees the operations of its area of responsibility. The training centers are as follows:

  • All Things Possible Bargain Centers
  • Manna From Heaven Dinner House Training Center
  • YAB Technology Training Center
  • YAB Real Estate Training Center

The students set performance goals each year for their training centers. We offer a leadership training program for those students that have a serious interest in the business. There will also be a year-end retreat. During this retreat, students are exposed to how companies strategically plan to increase market share and improve performance in the coming years. Youth About Business truly is an organization designed to give students a winning aspect in life, as well as create an environment for their success. This organization was started to show the students that “All Things Are Possible If You Only Believe!”

Selection Process

Students ages 10 – 18 are eligible for enrollment in our entrepreneurial training program. We will accept hundreds of students this year in our training program. Participating students are sponsored by local corporations, foundations, and parent support. We accept all students that have a desire to succeed. We do not select students solely on academic performance, however, we do look for ambitious students who demonstrate an ability to achieve.

To register for the Entrepreneurial Training Program, visit the Student Registration page.


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Youth About Business Summer Camp
Youth About Business

Learn leadership and business skills through studying cases on mergers and acquisitions.

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