Product Manager, Opportunity Center

Strengthen your skills in core stages such as database curation, customer discovery, agile product launches, UI/UX and team leadership.


Job Description

The Generation is seeking a Product Manager, who is familiar a with content databases, for the Opportunity Center which is regularly used by hundreds of students across the nation. Perfect for someone who loves to help students discover their passion by managing curated opportunities.


This is an exciting opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of hundreds of students.

  • Manage and ensure the regular uploading of new opportunities
  • Support our vibrant network of opportunity scouts and students by giving them the resources they need
  • Create and enforce criteria to ensure quality opportunities are uploaded
  • Tell monthly story reports through data and present new ideas to improve students' experience
  • Guide the growth of the opportunity center: Regularly review the site, get user feedback, and use that to iterate
  • Launch the volunteer scout connection model where volunteers work to equip our students with the information and materials that help them succeed.
  • Hire a core team for the Opportunity Center. In the first 3 months you will work with the CEO and existing product team so you can familiarize yourself with needed workflows in order to best understand the work experience.

About You / Desirable Qualities

  • familiarity with all stages of UI/UX Development
  • familiarity and motivation to deepen your knowledge in product management
  • familiarity with content database Saas platforms
  • A high school or university student that is passionate about providing value to students
  • A self-starter who often goes above and beyond
  • A clear communicator who is radically candid and naturally motivates others


Make The Generation's opportunity center into a truly helpful platform where students can discover or deepen their passion through achieving the following goals:

  • An upload rate to where we have 1,000 live opportunities and growing
  • At least 15 active opportunity scouts who upload ~3+ opportunities on a weekly basis
  • Doubled "register" rate to ensure the likeliness of students attending events

Team & Work Environment

As a Product Manager, you will work closely with our CEO who designed & developed the platform, CMO, Community Director, other Product Managers and various designers.

Team Meetings

You and the other team members can meet regularly depending on project needs. The meeting types below are ones that are highly integrated into your workflow.

Bi-weekly "All Hands" Meetings on Kumospace or Zoom.

We usually open with a quick strategy & reporting based-agenda and then use this time to work collaboratively and bond.

Quarterly 1:1 Checkins

Meet with Alexa (the CEO) for 1:1 checkins. Agenda includes feedback questions as well as room to pitch your ideas or report on the product directly.

Weekly Standup (Host)

As the Product Manager for the Opportunity Center, you will host the weekly standup for this meeting. This is the perfect place to display your leadership and growth skills while directing your team members.


1) The Generation is student-led (all team members are under the age of 25 - Gen Z Cuttoff) so while there is no maximum age, our mission is to empower young students. No technical minimum age, skillset is all that matters.

2) Because of the volunteer status of every role at The Generation, you are not required to live in the US however you must reside in the time zone constraints.

Eligible Time Zones: Any within 3 hours of EST (GTM-5).

  • PST (GMT-8) to DST (GMT-2)

Non-Ideal Time Zone Policy: Applicants from non-eligible time zones are only eligible for the associate roles.

Job Benefits

1) Strengthen your understanding with Product Managing and exercise core skills in:

  • database curation
  • customer discovery
  • user empathy (UI/UX Development)
  • team culture & leadership
  • communication
  • agile product launches & maintenance

2) Earn service hours for your work and enjoy press mentions during PR campaigns.

3) Flexible work hours and high number of days off.

4) LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendation

5) Bring value to underprivileged schools and students in NYC

6) Work closely with the CEO and shape the future of The Generation.

Application Tips

  • prepare a personal elevator pitch
  • customize your resume to the role
  • prepare questions to demonstrate research & interest in the role
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Product Manager, Opportunity Center
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Strengthen your skills in core stages such as database curation, customer discovery, agile product launches, UI/UX and team leadership.

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