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Have The Generation connect our students to your organization through your events, learning resources or more.

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Partner Types

Content Partners
The Generation's content partners offer a wide range of learning and career enrichment. From workshops, events, competitions to engaging video content and infographics.

Course Partners
The Generation's course partners have full-fledged courses that are added to our website. Depending on the partnership agreement, Partner Courses can be fully customized or set to their original states, connecting students to two learning organizations instead of just one.

Youth Engagement Partners
Perfect for organizations looking to introduce their students to immersive courses for the careers of the future.

How it works

Partnership Process

Fill out the beta partnership form, meet and work with our team and see your content live on our website or connect your students to start learning.

benefits & info

Why Become A Partner?

As course and content partners, you maintain the rights to all of your content. Upon exploring your resources, students are directed to where your course or content is hosted, giving you the benefit of greater viewership and more students. Partnership comes at no cost to Youth Engagement partners.

All partners receive exclusive access to a pro-bono consulting firm, Diamond Consulting, with team members from UC Berkeley and Stanford.

Become A Partner