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Earn up to 72 service hours by exploring your passion and sharing your knowledge with others.

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Phase one & two

Research & Outline

Kickstart the mentorship role with sourcing learning resources. You will organize the resources into course units using The Generation's exclusive course creation template. Researching and outlining the course allows to you further explore your passions while receiving service credit.

phase three & four

Connect & Mentor

Connect with fellow mentors at a short training and networking event. Develop interpersonal, communication and soft skills while exchanging knowledge with fellow mentors!

benefits & info

Your Impact

As a mentor, you can earn up to 72 service hours from encouraging educational equality by teaching your passion. Mentoring is a great way to connect with ambitious, creative students while giving back to your community.

Any high school student is eligible to become a mentor.

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Mentor Handbook


Course Creation Template


The Protégé Effect. Why Teaching Helps You Learn.



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How much time would I have to commit to the program?

You can spend as much or as little time as you want working with The Generation. Mentors only meet with students once a week for 30 minutes and often have one to three students. When signing up, you can choose how many students you want to work with. Part of your mentorship is creating course content. For a design mentor, this could be creating logos and practicing their passion! You can log any projects you create as service hours for the program.

On average you will only have to commit to  3 hours a week.

Do I have to be a complete expert at my selected course?

Absolutely not! Our team will examine your portfolio to determine your eligibility as a mentor and talk with you to see how comfortable you are with mentoring your course. Remember, you are not the student's main source of learning. You act as an additional source of information.

I am not comfortable with working with students yet. Can I still be a mentor?

Of course! Instead of working with students after you have created a course, you can focus on finding learning resources and creating learning curriculums. Doing so creates just as much of an impact as live mentoring. All mentors go through a short training session where you will connect with fellow mentors. Here, you can meet like-minded students and exchange your skills with each other. If you decide to live mentor after this, you are more than welcome to.